Carol Hourani is the Creative Director & Founder of Room 24.

"I draw inspiration from the female form, my designs are all about embracing femininity and celebrating women's individuality. Each Room 24 piece is designed to be a personal treasure and is hand finished in our factory in Lebanon which is entirely woman run & operated. Empowering women is our DNA; We are a brand created by a woman & handmade by women, for the sole purpose of empowering women."

Her trademark designs feature timeless silhouettes with bold cut-outs that strike the perfect balance between elegant and sexy.

Who is the Room 24 woman?

unapologetically sexy, unapologetically strong, unapologetically woman.

Unapologetic, Period.

established in 2017

Contemporary Fashion Brand

Room 24 is a contemporary fashion brand established in 2017 that offers a directional take on classical silhouettes.

At the core of our brand that is a massive focus on being sustainable, ethical and creating a positive impact on women.

Based in London and made in Lebanon, Room 24 is crafting beautifully cut pieces that fuse Lebanese flair, passion and craftsmanship with a contemporary and bold aesthetic.

Inspired by a passion for quality each piece in the collection is meticulously and beautifully crafted using only the finest quality Italian fabrics that are ethically and sustainably produced.

Designed to be a personal treasure

Behind each and every Room 24 piece, is dozens of stories of Lebanese artisans and seamstresses. Our mission is to empower and celebrate women, from the way we manufacture to the way we hope to make women feel in our pieces.